Book One – The Shadow: Out 13th March 2018 in paperback and ebook via Amazon

Shadows are the silent, hidden protectors of Poisonwood, rooted deep in its cobbled streets and rain soaked alleyway. Strong and cunning, they are forbidden to love and always ready to fight, defend and keep the city safe from outside enemies.

It is only when Scarlett Winchester, an introverted uptown maid with a mystery past, encounters one of these elusive men that things begin to change.











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Book Two – The Rogue: Out 17th April 2018 in paperback and ebook via Amazon

Everett Evermead has been away from the city for a while. Things have changed and he’s not too happy to meet the newest member of the Shadow Army. But when Everett learns the truth behind Poisonwood’s biggest secret, he finds himself involved in ways he would never have expected.







Book Three – The Outsider: Out 29th May 2018 in paperback and ebook via Amazon

The Shadow Army takes to the streets as war breaks out in Poisonwood. Meanwhile, two Shadows have left Poisonwood for a mission that will take them deep into the Outside. What they find out there will change the city forever.