I have to listen to music while I am planning and writing my books. It keeps me inspired and motivated and can often fuel a scene or set my words on fire in a way that just would not have happened otherwise!

I have attempted to make some Spotify playlists which capture the spirit and mood of three of my current projects. I’m sure I’ll be adding to them in the future and I also hope to create a Poisonwood playlist at some point!

The first one is for North of the Moon which is complete and with agents. North of the Moon mainly features older music, but there is some more modern music on there, which in the world of the book would be considered prohibited or contraband.

The Girl in the Woods is next. This is my third novel which I am currently writing. It’s sort of a spooky horror/young adult drama and I often freak myself out as I’m writing. The title is very likely to change! This one is set in the mid to late eighties in the first half, before jumping to the early nineties, so I have absolutely loved creating this one and I will definitely be adding to this as I unearth more nineties gems!

Lastly I have Someday. This one is my first attempt at a more romantic novel, but as it’s me it is, of course, horribly sad. It is set initially in 2005, then the action moves to a more present day setting (around 2014/15 I think). So here there are some brilliant songs from the last ten plus years!

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