North of the Moon

Imagine a future where technology is depleted and reduced to almost nothing, in which a new world order has taken over and driven the world to war. In North of the Moon, 19 year old Alice Evans is living her life outside the war zone. She has already lost her father and brother to the cause. When her best friend, EJ, is conscripted also, Alice finds herself falling deeper into the mystery of the new world order. Why was technology destroyed and who or what is the force behind it all?

North of the Moon falls into the dystopian/young adult genre, with elements of romance, drama, action and adventure. The book is set in our world a few hundred years in the future when technology has been reduced and depleted to almost nothing. Many countries are at war, though life away from the front lines and cities is very green and self-sufficient. The book is currently undergoing a new edit and is not yet available.