Please note – my books are not currently available. They are either being re-edited/are with agents or are still being written.


North of the Moon

North of the Moon is a dystopian novel, set a few hundred years in the future. Ravaged by the effects of technology, natural disaster, nuclear warfare, virus and climate change, our world is very different to what we know now. After most technology was shut down in the year 2043, a new world order came into place. Life is simpler – people work on farms and in factories, they grow their own vegetables and are more self-sufficient. Big cities and towns have shrunk, and much of the world has been left for nature to reclaim.

In spite of this, the world is still at war, and men can be conscripted at anytime. After her best friend is sent away, Alice Evans begin to question everything about the wars and the new world order, and becomes involved in something she never would have expected.

Publishing date TBA

North of the Moon

– The Girl in the Woods
– Someday

Both are still being written, will update soon!