I’m Christina. I’m an author – welcome to my writing, reading and minimal lifestyle website.

I recently moved into a house in the north west of England and, as the decorating and interior design work begins to come together, I have had more free time for writing work and other creative lifestyle projects.

I am enjoying decluttering my living space and plan on posting my updates and advice both here and on Instagram. Alongside this I will also blog about my writing and editing work, and the overall process of an author’s journey – which can often be a long and arduous trek!

I am the author of The Poisonwood Shadows, an urban fantasy novella trilogy, and the non-fiction The Modern Writer’s Bucket List. I am currently working on a the final edit of my third novel.

I studied at the University of Central Lancashire and Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey, where I developed a love of travel. Some of my favourite destinations have been:

British Columbia


New York City


My travels provide amazing inspiration for my novels and I always have a head full of ideas. I began writing from a very young age, but I’ve also had a love of books and reading. There’s nothing I like better than relaxing with a great novel and a cup of tea on a rainy afternoon!

I also have a day job and am due to have a baby in May, so 2019 is set to be a busy year for me. But I am looking forward to all the new adventures!